Friday, October 3, 2008

Guidelines for Getting Thru Presidential Elections

Just one month to go! Can we get there and still love one another? Can we get through it and still love ourselves?

I've been contemplating some premises and guidelines:

1. When receiving e-mail and snail-mail pieces, remember you will be offended by the ones that disagree with you....... and lo-o-o-ove the ones who get it right.... as you see it! 

2. Try not to consider the candidates statements of faith or demonstrations of patriotism. Some mighty despicable characters in history have professed to be this religion or that. And anyone with one arm can wave a flag! Only God really knows what is in their hearts!

3. Consider the candidates' promises with a grain of salt! No one at Point A knows what's going to work when he gets to point B. And if he or she is that sure, they may miss out on making a change that will make a real difference.

4. Don't look at the pictures; they may lie! Haircuts, fashion selections and natural beauty do not necessarily a smart mind make! 

5. Try to listen to words said for content.... though it be hard! 

6. Look for the good in every candidate! If your choice loses, you will be stuck with this one so it might be nice to have something to look forward to.

7. Try to analyze past record in context, not in the words of the opposing side only! Remember that things are seldom the way they appear!

8. Note: Balancing all the issues will probably mean not getting what you want on each and every one. But making a one-issue decision can be dangerous.

9. When hearing the stories of having survived tragic events, consider how that prepared the person to make decisions in office. That's the real question here. Perhaps the only real tragedy for a candidate is not having any tragic history to pull from!

10. Strive to be God-like.... practice unconditional love.... regardless of the other's person's choices. 

See anything here you can use? Probably not. Oh, well! We can have a get together after the election and celebrate..... or not!


bj said...

How very true and astute (I always wanted to use that word and now have completed one on my bucket list!)
I think Mark Twain said something that could be added; a lie is halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.

coloradocowgirl said...

So is #1 mine? It's a little late.