Friday, October 21, 2011

Straddlin' the fence.... as usual

The pressures to "believe as I believe" are being hurled at us from all sides. Gives me pause to wonder, Just what DO I believe.

The unhappy conservatives are so full of hate. They want their freedom to make it or die, at any cost. Less government, less interference. Now I can buy that. Let me compete, go for it, maybe become a rich woman on my own. Don't tell ME what to do.

But wait, why is it under that system the rich got rich and the rest of us got.... unemployed? Or foreclosed on? As much as I want to be free to fail, I don't want to fail because I was handed a loaded deck. I've been lucky. I have a job. But what if I didn't have one and couldn't find one. Don't tell me that letting the big corporations have free rein will create more jobs when I'm unemployed. I don't see any proof that that works.

Still, I know that hand outs do not a self reliant people make. And someone has to pay for them, they just don't fall off trees.

Can you see where I'm going here? We're damned if we do and damned if we don't.

All of that aside, I don't see how being hateful and disrespectful is getting us anywhere! What ever happened to the old fashioned Christian value of love thy neighbor!

Oh my!