Wednesday, October 15, 2008

God Bless the Western

Good brother mine sent me a link ref this morning that provided a nice trip to the past. I don't know how to establish a link here, but this is the address:

Oh, my, how I miss those folks! All of them! I look at them today and realize the plots were a bit skewed, violent, cheesy and un-real. But they kept me entertained. I'd sure put them up against the urban based stuff we see so much of today.  And all those horses! Wow!

But that's just my opinion! 

Hope yo enjoy as well! 

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Broken Y said...

Hi L.A.T. - clicked on you from Ranchwife! I got my blog background from Just make sure your original template from blogger is a "minima" template. When you find a background you like, you will add an html gadget to the side of your blog and then copy and paste the info. from the background you've selected. It will automatically update your blog. Then you just change font colors, etc. to match! Ranchgirl helped me out and I'm sharing the favor!