Monday, July 27, 2009

Cowgirl Takes a Fall

This is my sister Char. She has been secretary of our local PRCA rodeo committee for so many years I've lost count. She loves the sport, and the people associated with it, but her appreciation of the animals is purely hands-off, visual, not physical if you get my drift.

Friday night during slack she was to one side of the back area beside where the horseback contestants come and go. The fans leave to one side and need to be reminded which area belongs to the animals and which is for pedestrians. So Char was there, in place, directing foot traffic and trying to keep everyone safe.

Enter a man on horseback. Who and what they were about we are still trying to discover but for some reason the horse exploded. Decided he wanted to be a bronc instead of a performance horse. Char says she ran, but couldn't run fast enough. After throwing his rider, the bronc bucked across the asphalt knocking our rodeo secretary to the hard surface. Result: a shattered right elbow requiring a plate and seven screws, two skinned knees and a sore rib area.

They didn't know it but Char took the bullet for a good number of fans she had just directed away from the area.

My hero.

For sure, it is one rodeo we won't forget.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

County Fair Time

I got my first taste of county fair for the season yesterday at the Washington County Fair!

I didn't get many photos - the ones I took during the livestock shows were too far away from the ring, and besides that, I haven't figured out all the settings on this little piece of junk camera that I bought. Still, I'm happy with this photo of GS and his commercial breeds heifer. Can't remember what he has named her, but while other kids' (not all of course but many) were trying to manage big animals that jumped and yanked and were generally a pain, GS had this sweet lovable little gal who just went where he wanted and stood and waited for him to set her up. In fact, the judge had to explain to him about keeping slack out of the lead (this was his first time showing a big beef). He didn't need to pull slack as far as control was concerned; she was controlled. The greatest thing about it is that he did all the taming and training of her himself. And she wasn't a bucket calf either but came off the cow.

The other first yesterday was attending my first goat show of any size. GS showed several Boer meat goats. They're trimmed sort of like a poodle leaving a poof on the end of the tail but taking most of the hair down for a clean look. They use a chain collar affair. GS did well on showmanship in both goats and beef, especially for not having too much experience in either. He's shown bucket calves but that's not quite the same thing.

Oh, and GS2 who is a Clover Bud showed one of the goats in showmanship. They don't get judged but have the experience of being out there. Needless to say they were beyond cute! But then, that's just GM speaking. I've worked over the poor quality photo of him so you can sort of get the idea. Photoshop to the rescue.... somewhat!