Monday, July 27, 2009

Cowgirl Takes a Fall

This is my sister Char. She has been secretary of our local PRCA rodeo committee for so many years I've lost count. She loves the sport, and the people associated with it, but her appreciation of the animals is purely hands-off, visual, not physical if you get my drift.

Friday night during slack she was to one side of the back area beside where the horseback contestants come and go. The fans leave to one side and need to be reminded which area belongs to the animals and which is for pedestrians. So Char was there, in place, directing foot traffic and trying to keep everyone safe.

Enter a man on horseback. Who and what they were about we are still trying to discover but for some reason the horse exploded. Decided he wanted to be a bronc instead of a performance horse. Char says she ran, but couldn't run fast enough. After throwing his rider, the bronc bucked across the asphalt knocking our rodeo secretary to the hard surface. Result: a shattered right elbow requiring a plate and seven screws, two skinned knees and a sore rib area.

They didn't know it but Char took the bullet for a good number of fans she had just directed away from the area.

My hero.

For sure, it is one rodeo we won't forget.


Faithful said...

oh my..I'm so sorry she was the one in the line of fire! There are so many unrecognized heros around us aren't there? It was nice to see your beautiful sister, Char, credited here for her actions. I will send a prayer her way for easy and speed in healing, she is a hero to me, too!

Anonymous said...

Ouch! I'm glad she wasn't hurt worse than that.