Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day Thoughts

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Living near an Army base, and having lived here the majority of my life, I am constantly aware of the military presence. We lost our family farm to the expansion of the army reservation. Not the best of memories but one I came to terms with a long time ago. I consider that our sacrifice, just like veterans have made their sacrifices. Well, not just like but in a parallel fashion.

I've seen the military experience take so much from veterans.... limbs, life style, lives. For us, our farm and childhood home. But I've seen the military experience give back so much..... protecting us of course, but building exemplar individuals of young people, giving us all a tremendous sense of pride and patriotism, not to mention the important part they play in the local economy here in our community.

I believe so strongly that we have a tremendous responsibility to select the best leaders we can to lead and utilize our military men and women in the best possible way, and not put them in harm's way for unjust causes. If I am ever critical of decisions we have made, it is because I love and respect our military men and women and want them led in the best way possible. Not an easy task, I know!