Monday, October 13, 2008

Dog-Gone Great Music Shows

My life has been a whirlwind recently!  Almost a blur! Fortunately, I did get to recharge Sunday afternoon and evening or I'd most likely be passing out on the job! So far.. not!

It stated with a bluegrass concert Thursday night - Cherryholmes! A family group - parents and 4 kids. I hadn't heard of them but when the university puts a bluegrass group on their concert series, I figure they may be worth having a look! Well, they were! Fantastic! Mom is so-o-o-o-o talented! And energetic! Beautiful voice! Great looker and her with four kids! Dan is a character! Two daughters and two sons. All musically talented. Ages 15-25 I think. And only have been playing instruments for 9 years. Makes me ashamed of myself for not doing more with what little talent I have. 

Friday, sister and I headed for Wichita and Michael Bubl√© concert. Oh my, oh my! He is great! Wonderful singer! Fantastic big band! And great entertainment! Really knows how to play to an audience! 

We stayed at my niece's ranch. I've decided to call it the Box 4 Zs. Maybe it should be JT Box 4 Zs. Zues, Zeta, Zeb and Zena. Those are the four dogs. They have a lovely place in the country. One of those best of two world's kinds of places - not town but not a full farm either. Anyway, they are a lovely set of canines..... beautiful and full of life! And mom and dad aren't bad either!

One of my responsiblities for the week-end was to dog-sit for Bow. I live in an apartment that is part of Bow's house. Anyway, everyone - me, the folks upstairs, everyone - left Friday morning, leaving Bow in charge. Bow is an outdoors dog, king of the farmstead, and quite capable of tending things in our absence. But I knew he was going to be both lonely and a little hungry when I got home Saturday night. So when I arrived, I stepped out of the car and opened my arms to welcome his expected show of affection. Picture Bo Derek and Dudley Moore running toward each other across the beach - that was Bow and me. Well, he was running, I was stepping forward with my hand extended. That's as close as I got to the image I'm trying to portray.  My intention was to offer a reassuring pat, but Bow was into more personal responses. Now, you have to realize that Bow is not a small dog. He is more like a small horse. He lovingly, with a heart full of joy and mirth, grabbed the extended hand in his open mouth, slobbered the kiss of affection there and moved on to dance around the object of his affection.... me. One little problem! His upper canine - dagger that it is - touched the top of my hand in a love pat that was more than just a little tap. Ouch! I now sport a band-aid to contain the wound until it heals. You know, love can be like that...... painful, and leaving a wound! Like, he meant well..........  And I love him......  We just both need a little more time in education or therapy, I'm not sure which!

Anyway, it was an extended week-end full of great music, beautiful dogs and some neat football games on the tube. Oh, and Braum's ice cream! What more could a person ask!


Brazle's said...

What a fun weekend! Nice to see another Sunflower Lady in the BLoggin world!

Ranch wife said...

Well I finally did it! I bounced over your way, and it was a mighty long bounce from the southern end of NM to Kansas!

Cute cute blog! I loved the dirt in the bra story. One time I was hanging out clothes and got ants in my pants....Well I didn't care who was driving down the road. Those pants were off before I hit the back door! :)