Friday, September 18, 2009

Wayne Dunafon, Ks Cowboy Hall of Fame

The Kansas Cowboy Hall of Fame Induction was last Saturday. Its held at Dodge City at the Front Street Museum. There were five inducted - 3 who are living and 2 posthumously. The categories are Rodeo Cowboy, Working Cowboy, Rancher/Stockman, Entertainer/Artisit and Historian.

I was particularly pleased to be able to support the induction of the late Wayne Dunafon in the Rodeo category as he was from my area of the state. Wayne, born in 1919, died in 2001 after a full life that included riding in the Turtle Cowboy Association, the Rodeo Cowboy Association and the Pro Rodeo Cowboy Association over many decades. While most pro rodeo cowboys specialize in one or two events, Wayne did them all. He won a lot of saddles, buckles and the like.

Wayne's other claim to fame was what he did to promote the cowboy image to everyone, not just to the Western life lovers. An ad agency picked him out at a rodeo back East and made him a model. He represented Lee jeans but is more well known for being one of the Marlboro Man fellas. He also worked in the movies some. But back home he was a down to earth rancher.

Wayne was inducted into the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in 2005 and is now in the Kansas one as well. I wonder how many other states have such a thing?

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Faithful said...

Nice of you to pay a tribute to this handsome cowboy. We need to remember the road they cleared.

Thanks so much for your aking about my absence from posting. It means alot so me that I was missed and you were concerned for my husband and my family. Mike is doing well, I've just gotten very busy after taking on a part time job. With God's blessing and people like you, my life is made happier..thanks again.