Thursday, September 24, 2009

K-State Band

KSU Band Day is Saturday. My big strong nephew is one of the tuba players. There are 22 of those big things. The horns I mean. Most of the players are big, too, but some are sweet little gals who are also strong. You've got to be to haul one of those dudes around and do all the dance moves they do with them.

The tubas not only anchor the band with their big bass sound, they anchor it physically with those big horn bells above everybody else, turning and bowing and just generally making a big splash. Love em. When nephew-the elder was in K-State band, he was in the drum line and I thought the drum line was the anchoring force. I still do as far as the beat that guides everyone but for physical beauty, love them tubas.

The band has brand new uniforms this year so that is special. Number over 300 I think. They are a sight to behold and a sound to move you.

To kick off the season, the band did its annual breaking out party so-to-speak in Aggieville. After their marching in and playing in the street, they were treated to sandwiches or ice cream or something in Varney's. So the section lined their horns up on the sidewalk and took turns standing guard. My sister had the idea to take a photo of them with her cell phone and I became the copycat and took one, too. Quite a sight!

Go Cats!

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JJTally said...

I can hear them practicing every morning while I head to class.