Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My trip to my other hometown

Seems I've been so-o-o-o busy, that I haven't had time to write. How can that be? I don't have a live-in family to take care of. Or a farm or any animals. Just me. My job. My couple of projects. Trips to the dentist, doctor.

Lots of weekend travel. I went "home" to Oberlin for an anniversary celebration and to see some friends. All was good. I only embarrassed myself a couple of times at the celebration by not knowing people I should have. And I didn't feel too bad since they didn't all recognize me at first glance either.

Staying with my good friends Mar and Jerry is always a treat. We have so many things to catch up on. Seems we talk non-stop from the time I walk in until I walk out. Mar keeps a beautiful home. Its like staying at a bed and breakfast. Always makes me feel guilty since its a talent I am lacking. I should also give Jerry credit because his woodworking talents are fantastic! He has redone both the kitchen and the bath to something akin to what you would see on HG channel.

We drove around and saw the sights.... who lives where and who's moved. The feedlot is much larger than the last time I looked at it. Not a lot of cattle in it right now but lots of space to put them when...... I am still in love with the wide open space. But they could use some of the trees we have in Manhattan area.

Looking over a small town makes me chuckle. When I moved back to Manhattan, everyone in classes and what-not referred to Manhattan as a small town. Give me a break! They don't know what small town is. Small town is where you know the names of everybody you see, who they're related to, where they work, and all the interesting (and boring) stuff about them. And they know all that about you. I'm not kidding.

When I first went to Oberlin, some people moved into town but didn't stay long. The woman didn't like that people spoke to her and called her by name and knew who she was. I took it as a compliment, she felt she was being intruded upon.

But some things are the same no matter the size of your small town. Manhattan has its development projects that have people supporting and people opposing. Well, Oberlin has the same thing. The similarities of town politics struck me as uncanny. I guess the same could be said for national politics right now. Its just the volume of the yelling that gets bigger!

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JJTally said...

Glad to hear you had fun. Wish we could have joined you.