Thursday, May 28, 2009

Half a Century

Barbara, Wayne, Art, Wava, Willard, Sharon, Larry, Dick

It was a great week-end! I saw classmates I haven't seen since we graduated. Some I didn't immediately recognize, and some didn't immediately recognize me, so that came out even! Some of us had changed a lot, some not so much as far as physical appearance. More interesting, if you found it, were the stories of where we'd been and what we'd done and how that had changed our personalities and character. A lot of that hides deep and is not so easy to get to in just a few short hours. But there were enough clues to make it interesting. It was obvious to me that all had matured into fully developed citizens who have had very meaningful lives and who are still going strong. I think you could say we're still developing, right?

I was sorry I didn't get to see all my old classmates. Let's see. Of 17 who graduated together, 3 have died. Ten of us made it to either the small visit gathering on Friday night or the big all-school banquet on Saturday evening. An additional attendee on Friday was a girl (well, I guess we are now women) who attended with us for 2 years before moving away. One class member could not come due to physical limitations, another because his wife was to have surgery. One lives in Idaho and chose to go wall-eye fishing. (Humm.. stood up by a fish! Whatever!) But it is quite a distance to come. Never mind that the Sr class pres came all the way from the east coast, and another drove up from Texas. But probably most questionable was why the final remaining one couldn't be troubled to drive the 15 miles from Clay Center.

Still the ten of us who did gather seemed to really enjoy seeing one another. And its always fun to bring up the old memories. On Friday evening we met at a church for the meal, then went to the museum where we reminisced about old times; the teachers and the ball games were favorite topics. When we parted ways Saturday night, we were all saying we should do this again sometime. I hope we do, and not in another 50 years either.

Sharon, Barbara, Wava, Carol, Sandy

Richard S., Art, Richard"Dick", Larry, Wayne


Faithful said...

So nice to hear you had a good time. Not everyone tells that story upon returning from their reunions. Goes to show you something about your classmates and your fond memories of those years spent together. I love going down memory lane. Thanks for all look so great.

Ranch wife said...

What fun! I have to say that I never have been to a class reunion and honestly...don't ever intend too. My memories of High School are not so great. But am glad you had such a wonderful time.

Wow I have been reading your blog and you have been busy!! How great that you get to go and do. Those grandkids are something else.

Have a great day.