Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Saddle Up, Cowgirl

No pictures, just braggin' words!

The past three weeks have seen my two oldest granddaughters each bring home a saddle from rodeo winnin's!
Memorial Day weekend saw Annie win All-Around over three performances at the Kit Carson Little Britches series in Burlington, Colorado! This was competing against some tough cowgirls, including her older sister! And she left no doubt as she was All-Around at every performance!

And speaking of older sister, Kaylee brought home the all-around saddle this weekend from a three performance series at San Luis Valley, South Fork, Colorado. This meant besting a whole raft of good cowgirls, including little sister plus a lot of competitve girls who usually miss Little Britches to go high school rodeo.

I'm being encouraged to come to Pueblo for the Little Britches Finals the last week of July. Think I'm going to have to consider it highly!


Attended a very memorable farm wedding on Saturday. The bride was absolutely beautiful! The ceremony was on a knoll up the hill from the homestead at the edge of the hay meadow in a walnut grove. Everyone was gathered there at four o'clock, when dad delivered the beautiful bride in her long white dress as she stood on top of a platform on the bale fork on the back of the John Deere tractor! It couldn't have been more impressive or appropriate!

The ensuing celebration was in the hay shed! The day was humid and hot with plenty of wind throughout the afternoon... in other words, typical Kansas! The groom's family were from England, Scotland and various other parts of the world. I can't imagine what they now think of our not-so-fair state but they were jolly good sports and honored the couple by making the most of the festivities! I'm sure its one neither they nor the happy couple will ever forget! And that's what weddings should be!

Congratulations, Sarah & Nigel!


Faithful said...

Cogratulations..I would be so proud! Wow... saddles! They must really love what they are doing! I love the idea of Grandma being there to encourage and support them. They were probably cute as they could be, too. Good luck to them in Pueblo!

Sounds like it was a special impression of a good American country wedding that the groom's family recieved. We need more of those now-a-days.

little apple tally said...

Thank you for commenting on my little stories! Its encouraging to know somebody out there reads them. I have to admit I read many that I don't comment on, don't want to presume I have anything important to add, then realize if I were the writer I'd like to know somebody does read it. :)
Communicating with a void isn't really communicating after all!
Again, thanks!

Ranch wife said...

Woo Hoo! Congrats to those youngsters!


gtyyup said...

You've got some great grandkids...cows, goats, horses, All-Round saddle winners...what a wonderful way to spend the summer.

Yes, you should consider Pueblo...they grow up all too fast.

The wedding sounded perfect...everyone will remember it forever!