Thursday, May 7, 2009

Owning a horse

One of the blogs I follow is Life at the Rough String Sorry, I can't figure out how to get the link to work.

She recently had the experience of putting a price on her horse, having someone take her up on it, then missing her horse big-time. The second chapter is that the colt didn't work out for the new owner, so Rough String got 'im back and was tickled to death it worked out that way. You got a be careful when you put a price on something you really like! Somebody may just take you up on it.

Caused me to think of some of the axioms I've heard / developed and maybe lived by over the years.
-It doesn't cost any more to feed a good one.
-Good ones lay down and die just as easy as cheap ones (maybe more so).
-If they think he's worth that much, maybe I should keep him.
-If they don't think he's worth more than that, why would I want to keep him.
-If they think he's worth that much, I'd better put it in the bank.
-Three- and four-wheelers don't eat when they're parked.
-He deserves someone who will make the most of his talents.
-It takes a good one to make up for what I lack in the saddle.
-I hate to waste a good horse with me on top.
-Horse version of the grass is greener concept - The horse over there must be better than the one I have here.
-Followed by - Should have kept what I had; I at least knew what I was dealing with there.
-And my favorite, I seem to follow it a lot! - Buy high, sell low!

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