Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Knack of Blogging

I thought "Sure, writing a blog ought to be fun! No problem! Just think a thought and write it down, right?"

Well, I'm finding it not as simple as that. Its not that I don't have things to say. It's deciding if I should say it or not. 

There's knowing that the whole world can read it, not just the select folks you know will appreciate it or forgive you your errors or just shrug it off as nothing worth while or whatever.

Then, there's wondering if you will embarrass or trespass on your family and/or friends privacy and feelings. Just because I don't mind hanging myself out there doesn't mean that my associates feel the same way.

That experience can be good..... thinking about how what you say might affect others. For one thing it reminds you that you do not live alone... regardless of what you think. And it reminds you that you do in fact care for and have responsibilities toward others, even though they may have left the nest.

I'm a strong believer that the truth is best. Just maybe not too much of it all at one time and place?

If we are to be of use to our Lord, we may have to open up a bit and share instead of keeping everything shut in.  Still we may need to carry someone else's private life for them sometime; protecting our own might be good prep for doing that.

Lord, help me to select thoughts that will be of benefit to others who are exposed to my feeble attempts at blogging, either as inspiration or entertainment.

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Ranch wife said...

This blogging journey is something isn't it? I would have never thought about doing this a few years ago...and I still wonder if it is a good thing in a lot of ways. But...I have met some really neat ladies and that has been fun.
I think the Lord uses many different ways to do His work and to draw people together. We live in a techi society and He can use these blogs if we use them for His glory.

So...keep on keeping on!