Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cowgirls Haulin' the Highways

Why grandmothers have gray hair... but joy-filled hearts!

Over Labor Day weekend, I visited my Colorado kids/grandkids. And on Labor Day, GD1 started off for her Freshman year at college in Wyoming in her pick-up pulling a 3-horse bumper hitch trailer full of horses. Within 10 miles of home on a busy 2-lane highway, something happened (blew a tire I think) and she had a close call. Praise God, neither girl nor horses were seriously hurt and beyond blown tires and bent rim, equipment was ok, but 3 generations of females decided right then and there, she should be pulling a gooseneck. Dad was on the road and missed out on the discussion but I'm assuming he agreed with us.

I just happened to know where there was a very nice, always shedded, lightly used 3-horse with tack and dressing area that was just the ticket..... right where I lived.  My land lord and land lady graciously sold it to us and all was good. I felt this was God's way of using me, when I helped negotiate this step toward safe hauling.

Skip to last week. GD1 and GD2 took the rig and three horses to work at the Sale Barn in Brush CO, about 100 miles hence. When they left and headed home Friday, they encountered some patches of black ice. Still GD1, who is an experienced driver at age 18, was slowly making her way without difficulty when a car tried to pass them and lost control. They said the first they knew there was a problem was when the headlights pointed directly into the side of the cab.

Praise God, once more He laid His hand on GDs hands and feet and helped her avoid hitting the brakes and turnin her wheels the wrong way, thus once again avoiding rolling a rig. When all was over, the car was overturned and their rig was jack-knifed in the ditch but no one was hurt and only a few scratches on 2 of the 3 horses one of which was cut in the Labor Day mishap. You'd think she wouldn't want to get in another trailer but she still hops right in.

I haven't heard for sure but chances are both pickup and trailer are totaled and we're back to finding safe and affordable equipment for these cowgirls. 

I am slightly sick about loosing that nice trailer but so thankful they had it for I'm sure if they had been pulling a bumper hitch, things would have turned out a lot worse. Thank you, Lord for looking after them and for using me in that process. Continue to make use of what I can offer! And continue to bless and care for my beloved ones!  May the route you wish us to take be one we find and travel willingly, happily, purposefully! 


cottonpicker said...

Hey Pat, I think Arnold ScwartzAngel was on the job!! Glad it all turned out okiedokie.
Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

Ranch wife said...

Thank the Lord! He is so amazing He cares about every aspect of our lives,and those that we love.

Happy New Year!


coloradocowgirl said...

We joke around here that the angels get up every morning and draw straws to see who has to take the Moyers. I am completly convinced that horses and girls would have been in a bad way had they not had that trailer. Thank YOU so much for making that happen. When you retire, I think you should hit the road with Kaylee. Some advice though, take your own blanket cause she steals the covers.