Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Report

Whew! Back at work! Lots to do but the normalcy of a daily routine is a tradeoff for missing the family!

The fullness of Thanksgiving included a wonderful meal (actually several) and having the family all together. 

One of the highlights of the week was having all my five grandkids together. Due to circumstances, GD1 drove 8 hours or so from college by herself but boy, it was good to see her. And luckily, she went back west Saturday ahead of the white-out that occurred on the high plains.

Saturday night my other four grandkids all rode in the lighted horse parade in Barnes KS. They were decked out with portable strings of lights (DD1 uses them for wedding and party decorations so had them on hand) and Santa hats. Actually, youngest GD (8) had a hat of pink that said Angel on the band; her mother said that might be a misnomer but I thought it fit.  Oldest GS (8) had an elf's hat. I thought their mounts were really classy and behaved quite well. Youngest GS (5) rode his 16+ hand horse so caught a lot of eyes. Littlest kid way up there. Middle GD (15) rode her aunt's good grey mare. She'd worked on her tail, braiding in a long tinsel tassel that was very pretty when it caught the light. Youngest GD rode the boys' paint horse so she had some flash too.  

Wish I had a photo to post but 1) I didn't have a camera and b) the light conditions did not favor photography. In fact they announced for people to not flash their cameras or honk their horns so as to not spook any animals but they did it anyway! I didn't see any spooky animals though. At least not where I was. It always amazes me how well the horses all handle it.

The Barnes horse parade is always the Saturday after Thanksgiving and has become a sort of tradition for the Kansas part of my family but this was the first time the Colorado section was here to take part. The kids loved it even thought the wind was cold and cutting. I was perfectly happy to wait in the car until the parade started. For a little town, its an event that has caught on and seems to be there to stay.

After the dust settled, I finally came home to sleep in my own bed after 12 days in other beds. 

My good friend and land lady had double knee replacement surgery yesterday. She is extremely active (has biked across Kansas and Nebraska, parts of Missouri and Iowa several times) and really needs those knees. God has granted her the courage to take this on, now I ask God to grant her strength to get through the healing!  Amen!

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coloradocowgirl said...

"I loved your story. Especially the part about me. I hope to see you soon. Snoopy does too. Thank you for the sheep and I owe you $8." Love your grandaughter, Laramie Jo