Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm a Tomboy

I commented at another's blog today that I'm a lifelong tomboy, then got to thinking. Maybe I should face up to the fact that's just wishful thinking anymore. I used to take the dust and the wind, some snow and some mud and (the worst) some heat to be outside doing farm/ranch things. Not always by choice but with a touch of secret pride. But anymore I have to fess up! I'm more of a wait-in-the-house or sit-in-the-truck kind of hand. Or at the least, sit in the stands and cheer. But I guess that's important, too! 

Several years back at a Junior rodeo I was given the job of holding a little POA pony. Well, granted the old pony had picked up bad habits as kids mounts will but still, I thought I could handle a 500 pound pony. Well, she wanted to reach for whatever green was just outside the radius of the lead rope and she didn't care that I was just as insistent she stay close by.  Long story short, she yanked when I had my back turned and I fell over a bale of hay! I fell flat! Now the fall wasn't all that bad although I was embarrassed I couldn't master this little minx of a mare. What was most embarrassing was I couldn't get back up.  Daughter gave me a hand and I still couldn't get it together. 

Yep! I'm a real tomboy..... in my memory!  Just tell me if I start to tell the same stories twice!

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coloradocowgirl said...

One of my fondest memories was when we had the youth group out for an all nighter in pasture and you and grandma E made up a great big breakfast and came out in the cold and wind to lay out a spread that was very much appreciated by some hungry cold kids.