Friday, April 2, 2010

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday services at our church are my favorite service all year long, I think even more than Christmas Eve. That one is so special but full of twinkling lights and lots of music and people dressed up, at least some of us. Lots to catch the eye, ear and mind!

But Maundy Thursday is so simple, so focused and without distractions! Our pastor does it alone even to playing the keyboard for the singing. Two hymns, gospel scripture about the last supper, prayer and simple communion. Broken loaf and the goblet of wine on the table at the front of our little sanctuary. Everyone goes forward when they want, alone or with a family member, breaks the bread and dips into the wine. No music, just silence! Time to really think about what it all represents without any disruption.

I took the photo as I was leaving the parking lot! Really caught the radiance of the moment I think!


Countrygirl said...

Beautiful picture and beautiful post. We have a Good Friday service - it's very special. Only a few go - but it's peaceful and wonderful. Have a blessed Easter!

Sara said...

Love the picture! I miss those quaint old churches. Good post as well. It is really the more simple things that are the most special.


Sara said...

Whoops this is me RanchWife, forgot to sigh her out.