Monday, October 12, 2009

Ladybug and the Boys

The boys have a new little mare. She's been to some rodeos so we're anxious to see what she can teach the boys. And how much fun they can have learning! Hope she enjoys teaching, it will make it a better experience..... for her and for the boys!

The picure was taken the day they brought her home a few weeks back. Sure wasn't taken this weekend. That photo was a summer shot; now it would be a winter one. With coats and even gloves.

Anyway, welcome to the family, Ladybug!

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Faithful said...

Ladybug looks to be priceless already! All 3 of my kids learned all kinds of convidence on our little mare, Dip, and my kids are 8 years apart. I started my granddaugter on her before we buried her 5 years ago when she was 29 years old.